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  • $22.89

    Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Command Center


    Kids will use this awesome Imaginext playset and the power of their imaginations to create one Morphinominal adventure after another!

    2 Power Pads bring the Power Rangers Command Center to life!
    Turn first Power Pad to light up Zordon and imagine your next mission
    Turn second Power Pad to reveal the cannon; press button to fire!
    Includes Command Center playset, Alpha 5 figure, Blue Power Ranger figure with 2 weapons, and 3 projectile launchers

  • $5.89

    Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Red Ranger and T-Rex Zord


    Turn the Power Pad to activate his mouth-chomping action! Or press a button to fire projectiles from his two launchers! The battle is sure to be morphenomenal with this mighty duo! Includes Tyrannosaurus Dinozord, Mighty Morphin Red Power Ranger figure, 2 projectile launchers and 4 projectiles
    Add this duo to other Imaginext Power Rangers toys for some morphinominal actionpacked adventures!
    Create new adventures with your favorite Power Ranger!

  • $11.96

    Imaginext DC Super Friends Batman & Batmobile By Fisher-Price


    Villains of Gotham City better beware of Batman! Kids’ imaginations are behind the wheel of this new Batmobile. It’s revved up and ready to take down Gotham City crime. Press a button to pop out the jet engine. Roll it along, the “flames” spin and the engine rocks! And just when villains least suspect it, press the lever to launch disks!

  • $42.64

    Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord By Fisher-Price


    Imaginext.Turn on Adventure!
    ‘Go, Go Power Rangers! C’mon Megazord, let’s stop Goldar and Rita’. Children begin to create dialog between the characters and vocalize the stories they are playing out! This awesome playset and figures help kids recreate their favorite Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers adventures – or create new ones of their own!

    Includes Fisher-Price Imaginext Power Rangers Morphin Megazord, Mighty Morphin’ Black and Red Power Rangers figures, 6 Power Coins and 7 Power Missiles.

    4 activation Power Pads let kids control the action.
    Turn Power Pad on left shoulder for awesome transformation: chest opens, eyes light up, and cannon pops out.
    Turn another Power Pad in chest to fire Power Coins.
    Turn 3rd Power Pad above left knee to raise projectile launcher and push button to fire.
    Turn 4th Power Pad above right knee to activate chomping action.