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    Hennessy Pure White Cognac Collectible


    Guaranteed you will not find this in stock anywhere in the U.S.A.
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    Liquor connoisseurs will enjoy this one a lot without a hole in your pocket-book!

    Hennessy Pure White Cognac expresses the qualities of the white wines from which it is distilled. They are produced with the finest white grapes from the sunny cognac region. The cognac double distillations produce flowery aromas and powerful characters. Order Hennessy Pure White Cognac on Drizly to enjoy this great tasting cognac at home.

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    [Limited Edition] COURVOISIER XO COGNAC

    Courvoisier® XO is a selection by our Master Blender of beautifully matured Eaux de vie, aged from 11 to 25 years, to highlight the complexity and richness of cognac aromas. The finished product is intensely aromatic and flavorful, with a velvety texture and aromatic bouquet, laced with hints of crème brûlée, candied orange, and iris flower.

    Bottle Size: 750ml

    Please Drink Responsibly At All Times!