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10 Inch Huffy Disney Princess Bike


Huffy 10″ Girls Disney Princess Bike:
Frame: durable steel frame in lavender with side panels featuring the Disney princess characters
Handlebars: high-rise handlebar in glitter pink, plus crossbar pad decorated with Disney princess characters for added safety
Seat: decorated and padded seat for great comfort
Drive: easy-to-use direct drive, no need for a coaster brake
Simply pedal to go and stop pedaling to stop
Tires: 10″ knobby tread foam tires
Rims: durable plastic 5-spoke mag wheels in pink
Pedals: junior-size pedals in pink
Extras: durable training wheels; front fender
Box dimensions: 22.5″ x 10.3″ x 11.0″

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10 Inch Huffy Disney Princess Bike

Sidewalk bike rides are extra fun when Disney Princess characters decorate her bike! Beginner riders have so much fun on easy-to-ride 10-inch bikes. They operate just like a trike; simply pedal to go and stop pedaling to stop. There’s no coaster brake!

The lavender steel frame includes side plaques featuring her favorite Disney Princess characters. The fun Disney Princess characters are coordinated on the front handlebar pad and the comfortable padded seat for a perfect look.

Knobby tread foam tires and pink mag wheels are ready to roll, with durable steel training wheels. It’s time for a perfect ride with the family and the Disney Princesses!