20 inch John Deere Boys Bicycle


This John Deere 20 inch bicycle is intended for children ages 7 – 12 years of age and the weight limit is 175 pounds. Adult assembly is required.

Suitable for children 7 years old and up. A 90 day warranty against defects is included; any questions can be directed to TOMY Customer Service at 800-704-8697.

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20 inch John Deere Boys Bicycle

Product Description

Boys’ John Deere 20 inch bicycle… it’s one mean, green, pedal-powered machine! Heavy-duty, tractor-tough and powered by nature’s most abundant fuel source… your kid’s seemingly inexhaustible supply of energy! Features: durable construction, padded seat, kickstand, hand brakes, and stunt bar. Instructions are provided for easy assembly.

  • Weight (lb.): 40 Lb
  • Measurements: 57 Width/Inches, 35 Length/Inches
  • Base Material: 100% Metal
  • Country of Origin: Imported