AOSENMA RC Robots With LED Lights


Product description
1)Gesture Sense: Robot follow up your gesture and act with commands: forward and backward, turn left and right.
2)Demo Mode:Play three different songs and the Robot will dance with the music.
3)Programming Mode:Robot remembers up to 50 actions and act it one by one when you choose programming function.
4)Volume up and down: 5 levels of volume to be adjusted.
5)Walk/Slide Mode: walking or slide walking is available playing on transmitter. It works differnece running speed to kids.
6)Teaching Mode:Robot will also helps kids to learn beginning science and habits when pressing the “Science Popularization” and “Good Habit” key.
7)Music/Song Mode:After receiving the “music”signal,8 MIDI sequences are played back with actions and light effects.5 songs are available to hearing.
8)Speaking Language:Robot speaks 5 difference languages for your choosing.
9)Rechargeable Robot: Charging time is 3 hours and Playing time is about 2 hours. Charging the Robots by USB charger along with.
Package Included:
1 x Robot kit 1 x Transmitter (2 pcs x AAA battery not included) 1 x USB cable 1 x Manual

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AOSENMA RC Robots With LED Lights

Remote Control Robots For Kids – AOSENMA RC Robots With LED Lights,Infrared Control Toys

  • A new toys education Robots,he will help to teach the basic sciences to Kids and having them closed to nature. The amazing LED lights are builded in Robot’s head, which looks realistic.
  • It is a infrared control Robots with a transmitter,but you will choose the senses gesture control model throught your hands. Two difference controlling models are available to use. Senses gesture control model is a very fun function and it brings more happy to children, because they can command the Robots where it will go by their hand. Thanks to this magic function.
  • Robot’s action can be record,you can edit up to 50 actions before starting Robots via transmitter. Do it yourself what movement you like on transmitter,Robots works following up one by one what you did. This is what Robots has ” Programming Function”. Robot’s volume is switch from Mini to Maxi. You are able to setting up how suitable volume you want.
  • Robot do auto singing and dancing, just press the corresponding button on transmitter.It will perform your order. Have you seen how nice singing and dancing for it, Please try “me”.
  • High capacity of Lipo softpack rechargeable battery is builded in,you can charge it via the USB charger along with. The performance time is about 2 hours after taking 3 hours when battery is fully charging.