Arshiner 54 PCS Kids Magical Birthday Cake Play Set


Includes: Cups(2pcs), Plates(3pcs), Cupcakes Accessories(4pcs), Cookies(3pcs), Spoon(1pcs), Fork(1pcs), Knife(1pcs), Teapot Accessories(2pcs), Cake(6pcs), Cake Cutter(1pcs), Decorations(30pcs)

Package contents:
2x Cups
3x Plates
4x Cupcakes Accessories
3x Cookies
1x Spoon
1x Fork
1x Knife
2x Teapot Accessories
6x Cakes
1x Cake Cutter
30x Decorations

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Arshiner 54 PCS Kids Magical Birthday Cake Play Set

Kids can decorates the cake, encourages kid imagination and creativity, enjoy themselves for hours of fun.
A really cute play birthday cake set, children can DIY it with themselves or have fun with their little partner.
With small velcro attachments inside of the cake, which can be sliced and served like a real cake, inspire your children loves serving cake to everyone, and then put back together for easy storage.

Six-piece cake and lots of decorations can be used to teach sorting, patterning, and beginning math skills as well as teaching them to share. Slicing the cake and stacking the decorations help kids develop fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. This play set also promotes memory, creative expression, and imaginative play.