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JuicyLipz Lip Plumper


Say goodbye to thin, cracked, chapped, aging lips! JuicyLipz is the ULTIMATE luxury lip product. Based on the ingredients alone, this luxury lip conditioner deserves to be in every purse! JuicyLipz is the ultra lip plumper and conditioner. It’s formulated with high quality super-ingredients that increase circulation to the lips. Use it daily, before bed or even under/over lip stick for both short term & long term benefits. Benefits include lip plumping, anti aging and lip conditioning. JuicyLipz will help fill in lip wrinkles and truly add volume to your lips. JuicyLipz is Cruelty Free, All Natural and Made In America.

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JuicyLipz Lip Plumper

PLUMPS LIPS NATURALLY with collagen boosting super ingredients that stimulate blood flow and increase lip density for bigger, softer, fuller, more plump lips.
NOURISHES & HYDRATES lips as its Rich in Argan Oil, Jojoba Oil, Coconut oil which delivers moisture and nutrients essential for repairing damaged skin. Lips are left feeling hydrated, smooth and more enhanced.
ANTI AGING FORMULA with Argan Stem Cells boosts Collagen & Elastin production giving you hydrated, smooth and revitalized lips for a younger, naturally enhanced looking lips without injections. Fills in wrinkles and lip lines promoting youthfulness.
ENHANCE & PRIME LIPS with a dazzling shine. This plumping gloss leaves lips with a clear, glossy finish and minty fresh feel. All you need for a perfect pout in one little tube! Apply three times a day for big, beautiful and more defined lips. Apply before bed as well to absorb overnight benefits.
#1 LIP PLUMPING lip gloss! Paraben & Phthalates Free. Not Tested on Animals. 100% Made In America!