Jurassic World VRSE Virtual Reality Game

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Jurassic World-stylized Motion Controller & Case. Virtual Reality Headset/Goggles. Free Digital Game Download for immersive 360-degree Jurassic World gaming & exploration experience.

Return to Isla Nublar for an intense new Jurassic World VR gaming adventure. Use the game-themed motion controller to fend off hungry Velociraptors in the jungle or hold off a pursuing T-Rex as you speed towards the Visitor’s Center. Can you complete your mission and make it to the rendezvous point, or will you be devoured by the island’s most dangerous predators?


  • Realistic, hair-raising graphics based on the blockbuster film
  • Pulse-pounding campaign immerses players in a life-or-death race to escape the island’s harrowing predators
  • Includes the IR controller, VR headset and Jurassic World-themed attachment – simply download the free app to your smartphone and play
  • Endless Horde Mode allows play to continue past the campaign
  • Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones