Playskool Heroes Transformers Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Racing Trailer

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product description

Race to the rescue with Optimus Prime and his racing trailer! The Rescue Bots Optimus Prime Racing Trailer playset features 2 figures with Easy 2 Do conversion: the Optimus Prime figure as a racing-inspired semi-truck and the Blurr figure as a race car. Optimus Prime helps Blurr get to the scene of a rescue in a hurry by transporting him in trailer mode. When a mission is urgent, little heroes can convert the trailer into a vehicle launcher and send Optimus Prime and Blurr on their way. Detach the trailer’s base and convert it into a ramp for awesome stunt action play!

The Optimus Prime Racing Trailer is compatible with Rescue Bots Rescan figures. (Sold separately. Subject to availability.)

Product Features:

    • Trailer converts into a vehicle launcher
    • Trailer’s base separates to become a ramp for stunt play
    • Includes 2 converting bots: Optimus Prime and Blurr figures
    • Easy 2 do conversion
    • Vehicle launcher is compatible with Rescue Bots rescan figures
    • Figure scale: 4.5″ tall



  • Includes trailer, Optimus Prime figure, and Blurr figure.
  • Ages 3 to 7