Rusty Rivets Rivet Lab


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If you can dream it, you can build it with Rusty Rivets! Now you can create Rusty’s Headquarters and start building with Rusty! This Transforming Playset features real lights and sounds from the show and even closes for easy transport and storage. The Rusty Rivets Build Me Rivet System allows kids to design, build and create just like their favorite characters. Collect all of the Build Me Rivet Systems sets (each sold separately) to build all of Rusty’s creations from the show. Combine it and design it with Rusty Rivets!


  • Playset Includes: 1 Head, 1 Torso, 4 Arms, 2 Wheels, 2 Roof Lights, 2 Lift Lights, 1 Refrigerator, 1 Crane, 1 Claw, 1 Projectile, 1 Launcher, 1 Turret, 1 Seat, 1 Radar, 1 Figure, 1 Light, 1 Sounds Unit, 2 Sticker Sheets & Instruction Guide