Step2 Wagon for Two and Tag-along Trailer


Features easy-latch door for parents to open and close to let little ones in and out and large 8 inches (20.3 cm) wheels with plastic tread that provide children a fun wagon ride.
The wagon for kids included two safety seat belts, two molded-in cup holders that accommodate cans, juice boxes or cups.
It has a long handle for easy pulling that folds under wagon for easy transport and storage.
The maximum child weight per seat 37 pounds (17kg), limit two children per wagon and the maximum weight in trailer is 40 pounds (18.14 kg), not suitable for kids to ride in. Adult assembly required.

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Step2 Wagon for Two and Tag-along Trailer

This Step2 Wagon for Two and Tag-along Trailer for Kids is an innovative kid’s wagon that makes taking the little ones around a breeze! From the playground to the amusement park to the zoo a breeze, this wagon has you covered!

The durable design of this classic ride-on push wagon provides tots with room to lounge as parents take the kids for a stroll.

Additionally, there is plenty of room to store snacks, stuffed animals and other personal belongings between the storage compartments in the riding toy and trailer.