Zanmini Kitchen Cutting Board 3 Piece Sets


  • Plastics Cutting Boards Sets of 3:Red for Raw Meat , Yellow for Fruit , Green for Vegetables Designed ,Which Prevents From Cross-Contamination of Different Food Types
  • Cutting Boards with Support Stand and Hung Hold.It is Convenient to Place and Hung
  • It Has Non-slip Feet for Stability and Knife-FriendlyTexture Cutting Surfaces.
  • Cutting Boards: Dishwasher-safe and FDA Approved Materials . Won’t Warp or Degrade Even with Years of Use
  • Three Cutting Board Measure :12.8inches by 8.07inches by 0.31inches
  • Description


Zanmini Kitchen Cutting Board 3 Piece Sets

Want to start a healthy lifestyle? Start from the food.
zanmini chopping board set is the first step to prevent cross-contamination.
Food, kitchen tools and surfaces may become contaminated from raw food products. Microbes can be transferred from one food to another by using the same kitchen utensil. Cross-contamination is the physical transfer of harmful bacteria from one person, object or place to another and is actually one of the most common causes of food-born illness and food poisoning.
-Red, yellow and green, 3 brightly colored boards. One color for one specific type of food, no mess, no germs, no harm.
-FDA-approved food safe, high temperature resistant, knife-friendly surface and tough PP material, quality is assured.

Bacteria Can Be Washed Off Easily

dishwasher-safe and non-porous, 3 seconds clean-up.
Perfect for lazybones who just toss their cutting board in the sink and rinse it under the tap.

For More Stability

not only provide a stable base for cutting but avoid scratches on your countertop.