Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten


Zoomer Meowzy is Always Prepared to Play
The more fun you have with her, the happier she feels! Discover all the different and dynamic ways to play with your Zoomer Meowzies, including a variety of very fun, interactive games and features: play Purrfect Pose, Fashion Match, Meow Hero, Peek-a-boo, Hiss Contest or Hot hands! With so many fun games to explore, you’re sure to have hours of fun with your Zoomer Meowzy.

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Zoomer Meowzies Lux Interactive Kitten

Lux is the fashion-forward Meowzy with a fluffy tail for petting! She enjoys cuddling, playing games and showing off her glittery tail.
The more you play with Lux, the happier she’ll be! Her interactive games, cute kitten sounds, and secret trick ensure you never run out of things to do!
Zoomer Meowzies love to play together! Collect Chic, Lux, Runway and Posh, each sold separately – together they socialize, play games, meow and more!